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Launch Right

5 Pack Cake Magnet

The Cake Magnet is a disposable, patented launch platform that prioritizes safety and ease. This product’s design offers the following benefits:

  • Works with various sizes and shapes of cakes, fountains, and Saturn missiles
  • Helps to stabilize a cake, fountain, and Saturn missile during launch
  • Makes it easier to bring the platform to a water supply after use
  • Clean up is quick and easy and your hands stay clean since you don’t have to handle the actual firework with your hands.
  • Includes safety tips on the platform

Cake Magnet comes in pack of 5.



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    How Does It Work?

    How Does It Work?

    The Cake Magnet is made out of cardboard. One side of the platform is adhesive and includes breakaway tabs. 

    Remove the protective film covering the adhesive part of the platform.

    Expose the wick. Press the base to the firework firmly onto the adhesive portion, in the center of the platform.

    Break off the four tabs located on the side of the platform. Fold each tab into an “L” shape. Place one tab on each side of the firework. 

    Light the fireworks, stand back, and enjoy the show.

    Once the firework is completely done, water down and dispose of the entire platform and firework all at once.