Tim Bolduc, the founder and owner of Launch Right, got engaged in the firework business after noticing fireworks were a new and growing interest in Maine. At first, he wasn't sure what to expect but soon realized the significance of the industry when he saw customers of multiple generations shopping at his store. Once when helping a grandfather with his son and grandson pick out fireworks, Tim realized all three looked like kids in a candy store. How could he not be moved by seeing three generations of family members doing something together and being equally excited?

After years of owning his own stores, Tim thought there had to be a safer and more efficient way for his customers to light fireworks and, in 2018, began working on Launch Right prototypes. By December 2020, he received a full utility patent for his products from the United States. He is currently patent-pending in China. In March 2021, Tim established Launch Right as a limited liability corporation. He attended his first trade show that September, finding his products to be a big hit as they resonated with the pyro industry’s need for safety tools.

Over the years, Tim has helped people put on firework shows for numerous occasions—from honoring the loss of a loved one to celebrating the birth of a child, the start of a marriage, and the end of a school year. Fireworks mean something different to everyone. To Tim, fireworks remind him of what he’s thankful for: his family—his work family, family of friends, and the family that supports him no matter how crazy an idea he has.

In addition to Launch Right, Tim co-owns the store Patriot Fireworks, also located in Maine.

What Makes Launch Right Different?

When attending trade shows, Tim noticed that almost everyone came up to his booth, shocked that he’d developed a safety product for fireworks. 

As noted by many in the field—including Dave Desafey—safety devices for fireworks are few and far between. Launch Right meets this desperate need in the pyro industry by creating stabilization tools that work for beginner-, average-, and more experienced level firework consumers. 


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