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Mortar Sandwich

The Mortar Sandwich is a patent-pending, reusable product designed to help customers stabilize and launch mortar tubes. The platform holds up to four mortar tubes at a time and works with multiple brands of fireworks. Its lightweight, compact design saves you space and is simple to use.

$19.00 per platform

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How Does It Work?

The Mortar Sandwich is constructed from two pieces of cardboard and a velcro cinch strap. 

Undo the velcro cinch strap and remove the top piece of cardboard from the platform.

Place your mortar tubes in the designated spots. You can place up to four mortar tubes in the platform at one time. 

Place the top piece of cardboard from step 1 over the mortar tubes so the bases of the tubes are sandwiched between the two pieces of cardboard. 

Reconnect the velcro cinch strap and tighten until the mortar tubes are locked into place. Load your mortars, light, and enjoy the show. 

When finished, take the platform apart and save it for your next firework show. However, you should dispose of the platform if it shows any signs of damage.